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Clubec9 is the #1 multishop ecommerce company, helping entrepreneurs with better tools necessary to grow their businesses.


We strives to provide quality digital tools that will help you grow your business.
Earn up to 50% commission on referral income, it's an open opportunity for everyone.


Clubec9 is purely an eCommerce platform where you create a shop and gain daily profit.

The Clubec9 promise - We offer relief and joy to self dependant individuals, small business owners, housewives, traders, career professionals and through our innovative technology eCommerce solution for entrepreneur. All shop owners have access to social news & media aggregation information to promote their business.

Become A Shop Owner


Grow your Business

As a shop owner, you need a platform that gives you the flexibility and data intelligence to build and optimize your influencer for Income.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to enrich the lives of at least 50,000 unique people every year by enabling them to earn additional income to start a new side business or sustain an existing one. Our platform makes your business work and grows in more opportunities.

Key Features To Enjoy As A Shop Owner

CLubec9 was built to help you drive revenue and grow. We are only successful if you are successful!

Personalized Shop

We keep your information very safe, ensure you fill all required details to have full access to the website.

Social media share

Track your traffic and do follow up across all social media platforms.

Sales Tool

We offer performance-based campaigns tailored to your needs.

Extended Blog Options

If your target is to make higher sales, always create a landing page for your promotions, this helps to convert traffic to sales.


Struggling is over knowing what is going on with your business worry no more, you will always be notified of your performance.  

High Sales Income

You can earn more when you put your products in front of your customers.

Sales payments easy and fast

Every time you make a sale your income will instantly be deposited into your Clubec9 wallet. From here they can easily withdraw it to their own bank account; as a shop owner, you don’t have to lift a finger. 

In the case of refunds, Clubec9 provides a tool to quickly refund your customers, ensuring that you never disappoint.

Join the fastest growing e-commerce network and watch your profits grow!

  • Offer more discount
  • Unlimited product
  • Instant cashout
  • No limit
  • Expand Your Brand’s Reach
  • Access to Influencer distributor
  • Totally free
  • Choose a product niche you are familiar with
  • Develop a content strategy
  • Choose the right product to sell.
  • Use any of the social networks for promotion
  • Earn a steady revenue flow.

Are you ready to join the #1 Multishop platform and take your business to the next level?

Our e-commerce referral program gives lifetime commissions.

Get paid to help entrepreneurs sell online 

The lights are always on at Clubec9

Learn how our solutions for Shop owners help to reach today’s consumers in personalised, powerful ways.