Clubec9 Affiliate Network (CAN)

NGN50,000,000  Monthly Rewards

Simple ways to make it big with Clubec9

Open a Shop


Open a shop and sell from different categories and enjoy different functions to grow your business.

Refer a Friend


Help other to grow their business online, teach them how to sell and make sales, using our educational materials

Earn Monthly


Clubec9 is one of the highest paying affiliate networks, take advantage of this big opportunity to make it big online.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

Unlimited Diamond
How to qualify

  1. Total Referrals: Unlimited
  2. Total Subscribed: 10,000
  3. Point Sales: 1000
  4. Commission Earnings: 50%
  5. Maintenance Level: 1


  • Earning Upto N50 Million monthly
  • Beautiful Home Duplex 
  • International Travel
  • Business Insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Business Loan
  • Awards

Start Ups

Important Terms

Total Referrals: This is the total no of people you have registered and add not subscribed to the clubec9 plan.

Total Subscribed: This is the total no of registered subscribed members monthly.

Point Sales: At Clubec9 this is also very important because it will determine the amount of percentage earn monthly, to accumulate points the more you post products and sell on your website the more point you will get.
Account Verification 500
Add product 2
Delivered Products 10
Downloaded Products 10
Product rating and reviews 20

Commission Earnings: A Clubec9 affiliate referral bonus varies between 10% to 50%

Maintenance Level: To achieve a different level, you need to maintain the no of subscribed downlines monthly.
Unlimited Diamond- 1
Diamond - 2
Gold - 3
Sliver - 5
Entrepreneur - 5
Start Ups - 2