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Coupon Codes

Make everyone happy by offering coupons to your buyers. New Discounted Price Coupons, Specific “% OFF” Coupons and Specific “$ OFF” Coupons available.


Offer your early traffic a 'pre-launch special' or early bird deal using our pre-launch settings. You'll get a custom pre-launch buy button and have multiple options for running your special.

Easy Ad Placement

Promote Your Offer to Distributors! We make it easy for you to place products and showcase your offer at the TOP of the marketplace, where distributors go to search for best offers to promote!

Shop Accelerator

With the Accelerator tools enabled, customers will find your product faster, offers can be promoted across all social platforms, you could also promote your offer via email and advertising.  

Instant Payments

Get paid instantly directly into your bank account. All sales made in your shop will be remitted to you instantly and commissions will be paid as you invite other entrepreneurs to open an account. 

Multiple Payment Options

As a merchant, you can accept payment via direct bank deposit, credit card, USSD, or pay on delivery. Across all our payment channels everyone is secure with our multilevel security.  

Split Testing

Test! Test! Test! Add multiple product pages to your offers so you can test different versions of your sales copy, colors, shapes, sizes, fonts, videos, you name it. Knock yourself out with testing!

Purchase History

If you purchased something on Clubec9 you can access it easily from the 'purchase history' page within your account. Manage your subscriptions, access products, and more.  

Clubec9 Grow Your Business

Today’s distribution landscape has evolved from primarily traditional coupon, loyalty, and blog affiliates to now encompass social media influencers, business development, You need streamlined workflows that make it easy to communicate and manage different promotion on the same platform. You need instant access to performance metrics and actionable insights.

Why Sign Up As A Merchant?

High-Quality Traffic

Clubec9 has one of the strictest affiliate approval processes in the industry, which ensures that your offer will only be promoted by high-quality distributors. We are also able to provide our distributors with premier real people traffic from different sources.

Compliance & Fraud Protection

Your merchant account is on a full-time monitor and our compliance team will continually monitor your offer's traffic to assure those quality standards are met. We proactively review traffic, identifying possible low-quality issues before they are converted into sales.

Auto Payment

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Pay when you make a sale

You will only pay when you make a sale and that’s the big advantage of using Clubec9 for your merchant program. Joining is 100% free and you’re never out of pocket either. You’ll pay for results and we only make money when you do! Everything works to your benefit.


We have the most accurate and reliable technology available today to track, measure, and analyse the performance of all your multi-channel digital marketing activities. An innovative suite for sales value.

Cookieless Tracking
Mobile Tracking
Product Tracking
Auto Payment

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