How to Make Money Through Your Affiliate Link

Once you register and you have your affiliate link ready, it’s time to make the most of it and get those commissions. Here are some best practices to make sure your audience actually finds and clicks your link: Give your link a permanent spot on your website, blog, or social media pages – if you have a resources or tools page, this is a great place to add your affiliate link to. Make a review video or post –  spread the word about the niche of your interest so that your users will want to check out the tool and make a transaction or purchase the product.
Showcase or create a landing page to describe the product value and advantages too there need.

You could also share some case studies of product use and testimonies from other customers.

Practices to Avoid

Promoting and sharing your affiliate link in different ways will help you give it exposure and increase your earnings, but there are a few forbidden behaviors you should keep in mind when sharing your affiliate link:

  • Bidding on brand – you are not allowed to make paid ad campaigns based on Clubec9 branded keywords.
  • Spamming –email spamming with your affiliate link to gain conversions is also forbidden.
  • Advertising on sites promoting illegal activities.
  • Misleading promotion – providing false expectations such as discounts or free content through the affiliate link.

How Much Will I Get?

There is no limit to how much you can be paid, as you are paid commission on all products/services you promote.
Clubec9 don't pay weekly or monthly, as you earn the commission you can instantly cash out your fund, daily or anytime you wish. The minimum amount to cash out is N5000.

How Will I Get Paid?

You’ll be able to withdraw the money via PayPal, bank transfer or Opay app.

Let's Work Together!​

Do you have a blog, website, Instagram page, twitter account, Facebook group, nairaland, or any other kind of community?

We look forward to collaborating with you to make the most out of your affiliate link! Here are some examples of partnership possibilities:

Guest posts
Social media features
Discount coupons for your audience
Newsletter feature
Exclusive insight into new releases and beta programs

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